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Anthony Doig, established Civil Celebrant and published poet, is unique in composing his poetry and song from both a man’s and a women’s perspective. Each is an unpredictable expression of experience and knowing; a memory, a love, a loss or bitterness, a hope or plea for forgiveness. He exudes subtlety in his rhythmical words of reason.

Anthony, or Ant as he is affectionately known, is a humorous reveller, who describes him self as a thorny rose growing from the craggy, yet fertile roots of life.

Ant a former school principal, is also a professional landscaper and olive farmer, who passionately tends to his olive grove in Mansfield.
Among his many talents, he is also a stage and television actor and musician. However, his greatest achievement, as he has conveyed, is being a loving father to his two beautiful daughters.


His motivation for Civil Celebrancy, streams in cascades from the romance of his camp fire hearth and his Olive Grove the symbol of life itself. His olive branch represents peace to his family, his friends, and the couples whose lives he celebrates. He define a world striving to honour the beautiful moments of now and a collective optimism for tomorrow.



By chance we met
He will stay until you love him

He will roll his swag upon the uncut grass beyond her front door
He will build sign posts at her fence to notify the world of his love for her
He will pitch his tent while proclaiming to the world
this is his new Taj Mahal for her
He will picket her front terrace with poets and lovers until she gently kisses his torn and ragged lips
He will throw knotted scarves by ships anchor and climb Rapunzel like upon her balcony tower
He will sing Romeo and Juliet in chest voice until he see’s a flash of teal blue cyan from her eyes
He will irrigate her withering garden with tears of redemption as forgiveness grows her plants
He will remake her garden without reward until it grows the shape of her heart
He will kiss her womanhood until stars fall from her eyes
He will butterfly her centre until her daughter’s laughter snuggles between her breasts
He will call upon the moon to beam him bedside to her as he kneels professing his love
He will stand with adoration before the lectern of life
as he calls her name in poetic stanza
He will back her back as Clyde to Bonnie and wrap shields of rock hard strength around her fragrant soul
He will spread throw overs of passion reminding her there can be more than one true love

By chance we met
He will stay until you love him